Farming and Growing Operations

The days of “one size fits all” no longer apply.


Delano Farms Company has always been at the forefront of development and use of the industry’s most advanced practices and technologies and is a leader in the development and use of environmentally friendly packaging. The days of “one size fits all” are long gone. Today, retailers—and their suppliers—must understand and respond to customer needs and wishes at the neighborhood level. different customers have different needs and interests. That’s why organically grown, convenient, sustainable and individualized packaging, sustainable farming, and a solid commitment to food safety have become such an important part of our business. Today’s society wants quality produce, but not at the expense of mother nature. A solid farming and growing operation is a critical foundation to meeting the needs and wishes of the customer all the while keeping the operation safe and earth friendly.

Delano Farms is always looking towards the future, from new and upcoming varieties to the latest growing, harvest, storage and shipping techniques and technology. We adhere to industry GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) and GHP (Good Handling Practice) standards in the fields and also GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GHP standards in the pack house and storage facilities as well to assure the highest quality of grapes along with the assured safety that what you are eating is fresh, healthy and delicious. Food safety is a top concern in today’s produce industry, and Delano Farms is committed to safe and healthy handling of our grapes from our field to your fridge.

Our Ranch managers are certified Pest Control Advisers (PCA’s) and also work with consultants to make sure harmful pests are kept under control and out of the vineyards. We also work closely with soil management specialists who frequently test soil in the vineyards to find out what minerals or nutrients the soil needs in order to keep the vines strong and healthy for the best quality grapes out there.

There is never an end to our research and commitment to making our product better and higher quality by using more efficient, sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices and growing methods.