Food Safety and Product Handling

Food Safety and Security


  • Delano Farms Company has an extensive Food Safety Program and is certified in the Global Food Safety Initiative standards (GFSI) annually by PrimusLabs, a leading company in third party food safety auditing. On top of the GFSI audit all of our fields and facilities are audited against the USDA GAP & GHP practice specifications by a USDA or CDFA auditor and certified under the USDA GAP & GHP schematic.
  • Delano Farms Company audits every field annually that produces grapes using the GFSI and USDA GAP & GHP standards along with doing Black Widow Spider audits which ensure spiders are controlled in the fields and kept out of our finished product. Audits on Harvest Crews are done to ensure they are following food safety rules and regulations by displaying proper handling and packing techniques and procedures. Our pack house and cold storage facility goes through both a GFSI and USDA scheme audit on an annual basis as well. These standards ensure that the people and the environment that the grapes are packed and stored in are clean and free of any possibilities of contaminating the product.


  • As a part of our Food Safety program, all employees are trained in proper environmental, and personal hygiene as well as learning about food security and defense. Employees are trained to look for anything or anyone that might be out of place and report it to a supervisor.
  • Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) is required to be a part of any food safety program falling under the GFSI and USDA schemes and is used to reduce the risk of safety hazards in foods. An annual check or “Hazard Analysis” is done of the entire flow of product through our operation from the field to when it leaves our property on a truck. Critical control points are checkpoints throughout the product flow that assure the grapes passing through our facility are handled, packed, stored and shipped properly and with no possible contamination issues from outside sources
  • With the new Federal Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), Delano Farms is making sure we are up to standards and regulations that the USDA has put in place to help keep food safety standardized and organized for a better, healthier way to handle fresh produce.