Where We Grow

Delano Farms is headquartered in the city of Delano in the Southern San Joaquin Valley of California where the majority of California’s agricultural farming and production takes place. Located in the heart of Ag Country, we are able to stay in tune with what is going on in the community, market and industry on a day-to-day and minute-to-minute basis.

With vineyards located in Delano, Arvin, and the Coachella Valley in California, along with vineyards in Hermosillo, Mexico, Delano Farms can provide a steady volume of fresh grapes for a large portion of the year to our customers and consumers. Having multiple varieties in different regions that harvest during different times of the season for red, green, and black seedless grapes gives us the ability to have an early, mid and late season variety in each region for each color. This, in turn, ensures fresh grapes are consistently available through a large portion of the year.