07/08/2021 – You should be seeing Pristine grapes arriving in your local Walmart very soon! Harvest has started in the Coachella Valley vineyards and Pristine is on the road to the stores already.


05/12/2021 – Even though we still haven’t started the season here in Delano, CA the weather is heating up and the vines are growing quick. we are starting to see days close to 100 degrees which is what the grapes like. Looks like things are on track to begin harvest here around the beginning of July. We are looking forward to another great season!


03/16/2021 – Still in the off-season here in the Southern San Joaquin Valley but the weather is starting to warm up a little. Vines have been pruned and vineyards are ready for the upcoming California grape season.



10/18/2019 – Will you be at PMA today or tomorrow in Anaheim? Stop by our booth #144 and see us. We’ll have LA Laker Danny Green with us on Saturday!


10/07/2019 – Looking for a healthy sweet snack to give the kids and grand kids? Try fresh, crisp, crunchy Pristine grapes! Bonnie sent us this video of her grandsons first time trying Pristine grapes. Listen to that crunch and his perfect comment at the end!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!


09/18/2019 – We are starting full bore into our NBA partnership! Starting to pack team packaging for specific regions. Hopefully a retailer near you will be asking for your local teams packaging! We will have these special packs at the NBA game on October 10th in Shanghai where the Los Angeles Lakers will be taking on the Brooklyn Nets!



08/26/2019 – PRISTINE harvest has begun in the Central San Joaquin Valley! We will begin shipping middle of this week so you should be finding PRISTINE again in you local Walmart and other retailers by next week! We have over 1 million boxes of PRISTINE to harvest here so you will be able to find it for the next few months.


07/10/2019 – HARVEST has started in our main vineyards in the Central Valley CA. Starting off with Flame variety red grapes and we will be seeing Sugraone green grapes soon after. PRISTINE should be starting around mid August in the Central Valley but not to worry, we are still harvesting PRISTINE in the Coachella Valley vineyards so keep an eye out for them in your local retailer!



07/03/2019 – PRISTINE harvest has started in our vineyards in the Coachella Valley you should be seeing a limited volume of Pristine in your local Walmart, Sams, Costco’s very soon. Once we get to about Mid-August we should start Pristine harvest in our Central Valley area of California where we have large volumes of Pristine and you should be seeing it in many more retailers.



06/05/2019 – Delano Farms Company has partnered with the National Basketball Association to bring you delicious NBA grapes. See our trial run in Northern California Safeway stores.


05/23/2019 – Produce for Kids is teaming up with Homeland Stores to support the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. Look for Produce for Kids signage in the produce department to support the participating brands giving back to your local food bank. If you’re in Oklahoma grab a bag of Delano Farms grapes at AWG to help! Check out the recipes on the site for healthy summer meals for your kids! The Protein Power Lunchbox Recipe includes delicious Delano Farms grapes.