Our Facility


Delano Farms has a 40,000 square foot onsite packing house. Grapes are brought fresh from the field and packed with special attention to quality and precise customer specifications and pack style. Special packs and clamshell packs are made to order in our specially designed packhouse. Export quality packs meeting US Fancy standards are fulfilled on our dedicated export packlines with specifically trained packers that know the rugged export standards and requirements. Quality and packing can be kept at a strict standard and can be specific to a customer’s order or pack requirements. Tri-color, Bi-color, clamshell, special packs – whatever the needs, Delano Farms can cater to almost anything.

Along with our pack house comes our 186,000 square foot cold storage and shipping facility. Delano Farms has the ability to store fresh grapes for your late-season needs and programs. Harvested grapes can be stored at our facility and packed fresh in the pack house to your specific order even after harvest has ended for the season.

With our sales and management offices attached to the pack house and cold storage facility, and literally down the street from the organic receiving and storage facility, our sales staff and leadership are always up to date and informed of what’s coming from the fields. Clean showrooms are available for grape inspections and buyer visits and are stocked daily with sample boxes of the day’s harvest during the season.