The Pristine® – The Name Says It All

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Delano Farms Company is proud to bring you the Pristine®, a totally different and unique late-season green seedless table grape.

The Pristine® was developed over twenty-plus years and over 225,000 crossbreeds. The result is a remarkably uncommon late variety of large, crispy grape that has all the characteristics retailers and customers alike covet, including an unbelievably long shelf-life. The Pristine® has a crisp texture coupled with a taste that starts off with a sweet vanilla streak and ends with a zesty Granny Smith apple finish.

Delano Farms and Four Star Fruit exclusively grow and market Pristine® in the United States as well as making it available for export to select countries. Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms have devoted several thousand acres between vineyards in Southern California’s Coachella Valley and Central California’s San Joaquin Valley to provide a wide-spread propagation of the Pristine® variety.

Delano Farms also has a large number of acres of Pristine® grapes that are farmed, harvested, packed, distributed and sold organically. All certified organic by the CCOF (California Certified Organic Farmers) one of the top organic certifying bodies in the world.

Pristine® from our Coachella Valley vineyards can be found at retailers starting from Mid-June and lasting through Mid-July. It is available at retailers again soon after that from harvest in our San Joaquin Valley vineyards from Mid-August through the end of November so you will have the best grape out there available for most of the year.

Four Star Fruit and Delano Farms are autonomous companies. Both employ the most aggressive and up to date farming techniques, enlightened labor practices and advanced cold storage technology. Environmentally friendly packaging and solar farms to power a large portion of their energy needs during harvest season contribute to sustainability and earth-friendly farming practices. Both headquartered in Delano, California; Delano Farms and Four Star Fruit bring the Pristine® closer to you.