Sales & Marketing

Delano Farms Company can help you produce the best table grape program in the industry. Nobody can match us for quality, flavor, or freshness. Our premium grapes are renowned throughout the world and can be found at your local grocery store or retailer. There is no program too big or too small for us. From pallet-sized orders to truckloads, we have the product volume and packing ability to cover whatever your need is.

Delano Farms provides strategies to meet retailer needs in today’s dynamic, neighborhood-oriented consumer environments. Collaborative flexible partnerships are today’s key to success. We do specialty packs in bags or clamshells, Tri-color, Bi-color and plain packs. We also do specialty art and packaging along with Private Brand labels. Our compatibility, flexibility and overall quality assure a successful table grape program for your business and customers.

Delano Farms has an in-house Sales and Marketing team with years upon years of produce experience between them. Our sales team is on-site where the grapes are harvested, packed and stored. This means we have real-time hands on visibility of product as it’s being picked, packed and shipped. Our ability to work with you and your program and to provide what you need, at the price you need, is paramount to our partnership with you, our customer.