Scarlet Royal

A large mid to late red seedless grape with solid flavor and texture.


A slightly elongated late red seedless grape with high levels of sweetness and an attractive flavor.


A red variety that has stood the test of time as an early season red seedless grape. Large clusters of medium-large berries with a sweet flavor.


A very strong and robust red seedless grape. With dark red large crunchy berries and a sweet taste it’s easy to see why Allison is an up and coming red grape in the industry. Perfect mid to late season storage friendly variety to finish the season strong.

Sweet Celebration

Large oval-shaped mid-late variety with brilliant red berries. Sweet full flavor with a crispy texture.

Jack’s Salute

Elongated to slight oval mid to late-season red seedless with a firm to crispy texture and mild flavor.


A strong, long shelf life medium to large red seedless grape with crunchy berries and full sweet flavor.


A great mid-season red seedless storage grape with medium to large size cherry red berries. With a great texture and a sweet fruity taste, Magenta makes for a great eating grape.

Autumn King

A large seedless green grape that ripens late with very large berries and a sweet neutral flavor. Strong variety for late-season programs and export.


A large, crisp, crunchy, solid seedless berry coupled with a taste that starts off with a sweet vanilla streak and ends with a zesty Granny Smith apple finish. A strong late-season green grape.